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The Only Reason People Die Is Because We Accept It As An Inevitability

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I'm into movies, music, playing music, tv, amusement parks, disney. Feel free to IM me.
that rhymed heh heh alllllllllllllllright.
a global threat, adult swim, amusement parks, animation, arch enemy, as i lay dying, at the drive-in, at the gates, aus rotten, bb king, benny goodman, big bad voodoo daddy, black dahlia murder, black flag, black label society, black sabbath, blood for blood, blood in/ blood out, bobby darin, bolt thrower, brian setzer orchestra, bury your dead, cannibal corpse, carcass, catch 22, cattle decapitation, cedar point, cephalic carnage, chaos uk, charley parker, cock sparrer, converge, dead kennedys, death, defiance, destruction, dillinger escape plan, dimmu borgir, discharge, disney, disneyland, disrupt, dissection, dizzy gillespie, dri, duke ellington, dying fetus, emperor, exhumed, exploited, f-minus, family guy, frank sinatra, futurama, gbh, glen miller, gwar, harry potter, hate eternal, hatebreed, himsa, hot water music, iced earth, icons of filth, imagineering, immolation, in flames, iron maiden, joe satriani, john coltrane, judas preist, justice league, kings dominion, kings island, kreator, less than jake, looney tunes, magic mountain, marty friedman, mechanical engineering, megadeth, metallica, mighty mighty bosstones, millencolin, minor threat, misery index, morbid angel, movies, muse, nekromantix, neurosis, nightwish, nile, opeth, ozzy osbourne, pc gaming, pixar, reel big fish, refused, roller coasters, sailing, shadows fall, shai hulud, sick of it all, skinless, skycamefalling, slayer, sonata arctica, south park, spider-man, star wars, suicide machines, templars, terror, the ernies, the haunted, the living end, the misfits, the simpsons, the unseen, the varukers, theme parks, throwdown, total chaos, uk subs, unearth, universal creative, universal studios, vader, vehemence, venom, virus, vital remains, walt disney world, warhammer 40k, x-men